Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to Get Kat Von D Wavy Hairstyle

Katherine von Drachenberg also known as Kat Von D is an American tattoo artist who quickly became world renowned for her work, style and beauty. She became known after she was hired as a tattoo artist for the reality show Miami Ink. She started receiving a lot of media attention so she decided to move to Los Angeles to open her own tattoo shop.

Even though Kat Von D has her whole body covered in tattoos she still radiates femininity and beauty. This drop dead gorgeous tattooed rocker chick knows how to enhance her femininity with sexy clothes, make-up and different hairstyles.

She has been spotted wearing her hair differently most of the time, but one hairstyle seemed to catch everyones attention. Her long dark wavy hairstyle enhances her facial features, drawing attention to her eyes and lips. The long tresses also have a lengthening effect making her face appear slimmer.

In order to obtain Kat's beautiful wavy hairstyle the hair needs to be medium length to long. Start by washing the hair and condition it well.

Apply volumizing mousse to damp hair, flip your hair down and scrunch the hairs. Blow dry the hair using a blow dryer until almost dry. Flip your head back up and blow it dry. Style the rebel hairs in place using a little bit of gel or wax.

You can also obtain this wavy hairstyle by using a waving iron on freshly dried hair. Set the hair using hair gel or hairspray.

This look is a great summer look appropriate for almost all face shapes. With a little bit of skill you can create on your splendid tresses, Kat Von D's gorgeous wavy hairstyle.