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Pin Up Hairstyles

The punk revolution of the 80s brought in many style changes. The changes were noticeable in ones dressing, hairstyle, jewelry, and cosmetics. The “punks” as they were called would wear these bold styles with aplomb and throughout the 80s the punk fashion came to be associated with free spirit and independent thinking. Seeing a revival, the punk culture in its new avatar is bringing some of the best clothing styles of the 80s that are cool to wear. Punkabilly.net brings the best of the Punk culture to its customers so they can have a dab in retro fashion of yesteryears with style. With a range of women clothing now available with us (that includes pin up dresses, skirts, tops, leggies, and many more), it is surely going to be a delight for our customers.

Rockabilly Clothing - We offer a range of rockabilly clothing to our customers. It includes dresses for women, girls, and babies. Women dresses include pin up dresses, tank tops, skirts, bikinis, and jackets. All these dresses bring the best of the 80s. The pins up dresses come in nicely designed patterns that include polka dots, lines, and rugged patterns on eclectic backgrounds of pink, green, black and other colors. Women would look adorable in these dresses. Designed especially to be worn to evening parties, they are sure to make many heads turn. Pin Up Vintage Clothing also showcases pin up binkies. These bikinis have been a rage when they first appeared in the 80s. They still maintain their distinct charm. Being comfortable to wear, they look trendy and stylish. We have a special range of Pin Up Girl Clothes that include an equally interesting variety of dresses. Pinup Girls Clothing includes pin up skirts, tops, tank tops, and others dresses that we have made available in different designs and sizes. We have made sure that we bring a comprehensive range of Pin Up Dresses in all segments. Our range of baby dresses is a step in this direction. With light patterns on white backgrounds, they sport beautiful colored patterns on the front side.

Wholesale Deals- We offer both retail and wholesale deals. We have ensured that we come up with some of the best designs in the market. Our uniqueness lies both in the design as well as the quality of the fabric. Our Pin Up Vintage Clothing range is designed by some of the best designers. The quality of the fabrics that is being used in vintage clothing and Pinup Girls Clothing is second to none. This has made our pin up women dresses, and Pin Up Girl Clothes so popular that we now sell bulk of our Pin Up Dresses to retail outlets. We ensure we provide prompt service to our wholesale dealers and offer them competitive prices.

Delivery- We have ties up with different delivery service providers. We also send our deliveries through air mail and EMS. This ensures that we deliver our products in minimum time. 

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Pin Up Hairstyles-1
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Pin Up Hairstyles-4
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Pin Up Hairstyles-6
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Pin Up Hairstyles-7
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Pin Up Hairstyles-8

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Pin Up Hairstyles-10
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Pin Up Hairstyles-12
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Pin Up Hairstyles-13
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Long Prom Hair Style Trends For 2010-2011 Review And Tips


Prom hairstyles follow high fashion just as the Prom Gowns do.

With the current hair fashions trending towards natural textures such as lush waves, loose ringlet curls and even soft straight shiny strands, Prom hairstyles will follow.

The days of the required Prom updo hairstyle are gone, at least for now.  Of course if you wish to wear your hair up, follow your Prom hair dreams.  You should always wear your hair the way you love it best.

The modern version of updos range from half-up/half-down to a range of side chignons and buns to finished ponytail updo styles.

Check out: Create Hair Waves While You Sleep
Taylor Momsen's Hairstyle: Long Lush Layered Ringlets

If you select a short and sassy strapless gown like the Prom Gown shown to the side you will want to wear your hair to match the essence of the gown.

Consider wearing your long hair with lots of volume and soft barely-there waves throughout the perimeter like the model shown.

For a more dramatic effect, direct all of the hair over to one side to drape seductively over one shoulder.  This is a perfect hairstyle for someone with long hair and nature waves or straight hair which holds a curl.

How To Style.?

It's a perfect long hair Prom style to match the gown.  It should also be easy to create a home or with the help of a friend.

Simply shampoo with your regular products and systems, blow dry to build in volume and shine and then use a large barrel curling iron to create some soft waves throughout the edges. Finish with an application of shine serum and/or hairspray and you're finished with a soft, sexy, flowing hairstyle for your prom.








Long Hair Prom Gown Considerations

When it comes to wearing your long hair coiffed for prom consider the following factors:

1. The style of your prom gown.
2. Maintainability of your hairstyle for a long Prom night.
3. Whether your hairstyle will be created at home, by a friend or a professional hairdresser.
4.  Hair Accessory considerations.  Do you wish to wear a special hair accessory such as a tiara comb or flowers in your hair?  While you can wear most hair accessories with up or down hairstyle, keep in mind that some accessories work better in certain hairstyles.
5.  Historical hair challenges.  If your hair tends to hold texture easily, you may be fine with a long luscious Prom hairdo.  On the flip side, if your hair doesn't hold a curl, you may be more comfortable with a half up/half down or a chignon or twist.
6.  Special Prom themes.  If your Prom has a unique theme you may wish to coif your hair to match and this may impact your ultimate long hair style selection.
Contrary to some, long wavy and naturally curly hair can easily be coiffed into an array of gorgeous updos.  Don't be discouraged if you read otherwise.  Unfortunately there is a lot of hair misinformation on the Internet. 
When in doubt, continue to do your own research and find the hairstyles you love that will work great with your long hair.






A great professional hairdresser with experience in styling long hair can create an amazing array of gorgeous hairstyle for long hair. 
Be sure to stop by the HairBoutique.com Hairstyle Gallery for thousands of Prom and long hair style ideas. 
A key point to remember is to practice your Prom hairstyle with enough time to tweak it to your ultimate dream hairstyle.

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Long Hairstyly Tips

Special Long Hair Site Dedication

This article is dedicated to Frank Ploenissen and The Long Hair Site which has been a guiding light to long haired ladies and their fans for many years. 
The Long Hair Site closed in December 2006 but we promise to continue to carry the long hair torch that Frank lit way back in 1996. 


If you talk to ten different long hair care experts you'll receive ten different opinions about the very best long hair growing, care and maintenance tips.

The very best tip for long hair is to develop your own best tips.
The reason for this approach is because every head of hair on every single man, woman and child is unique just as their fingerprints are unlike any other.
My own hair has been long, by all standards, for a good percentage of my life.  In the late 1980s I became serious about the care and feeding of my hair and have maintained a very healthy length of 5-6" below my waist since 1997.
Although I have my own personal long hair tips that work for me, I have included the most popular tips available which I have discovered after years of research and talking to other long hair professionals and fans.
Try the tips on for size and then select the tips that you find work best for your hair, budget, lifestyle and commitment levels.  Yes, it takes a certain level of commitment to have long lush locks.
Knowledge is ultimately power.  What you may think is good for your hair may be inadvertently damaging it. 
By properly caring for your hair and following proven long hair techniques you too can have long, beautiful and healthy strands.

Latest Teen Celebrity Hairstyles Reference

Teen Celebrity Hairstyles
Are you looking for top, hot and latest Teen Celebrity Hairstyles?
This article gives you valuable reference. Have a nice reading !

Teen Celebrity Hairstyles
This aThere are so many teen stars, or actors who play teens at least, that the number of hair styles in great abundance. No matter if you have red hair, oval face, or other features, there are many teenage hairstyles to copy from this source. Networks like Fox and the World Bank that developed in the teens to watch their shows produce hot hairstyle frequently on shows like The OC, One Tree Hill, Dawson Creek and the old favorite. Nickelodeon and Disney always produce a number of new teen celebrities each year to provide all the different hair styles. Films like the recent 'Date Movie' or 'Final Destination 3' all have a teenage actor playing with the possibility of copying the different hair styles. These teen celebrities also sport several best hairstyles in their appearances on the show appreciation and to some of the best teen formal hair styles, there is no better choice. Some key names with a good haircut to watch including Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson and Jade, just to name a few.

Teen Celebrity Hairstyles
Other heat source for teen hairstyles is the music industry. Maybe one of hot areas really diverse when it comes to a different hair style. Because music has different genres each catering to a different crowd usually with different styles, the music industry serving many different teen hairstyles. From everything from chic to punk, hot hairstyles in any form can usually be found in some of the musicians. Rap artist Eminem probably driving some teenagers to get his crew cut hair style. current favorites such as Christina Aguilera, Evanescence, Green Day, and Hoobastank all provide different hair styles for teens.

Teen Celebrity Hairstyles
Teen hair style is probably the hottest of actress Hilary Duff. Of everything from TV shows to movies to music, he has done it all and with a great hair style as well. For teens with the same hair, Hilary Duff is a goldmine of teen hair styles different from the long-short length and from everyday wear to formal. Great layered hair styles, formal hair style, and every other hair styles can be found only from Google.com image search for his name. He definitely is one of the hottest hair molds for teen hairstyles.

Teen Celebrity Hairstyles
The girls and guys from The OC zone is another great hair styles for both adolescent boys and girls. Actress Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, and Kelly Rowan all provide different types of hair styles for teens. To these people, great hairstyles from teen hottie Adam Brody should be enough. From watching the show or watch the celebrities in show award should provide an abundance of hot teen hairstyles.

For guys, The WB is an excellent resource for teens hairstyles; provides some very fashionable hairstyles that range from wavy to cut crew. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles of Supernatural both provide different styles suitable for different people. Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty from One Tree Hill gave two different styles. Each person produces several different hairstyles and show them at other events as well. We do not even need to mention the style of the old boys are better than Tom Welling.

Finding a teen celebrity hair style is not difficult at all with all the sources mentioned above. Most hot teenage hairstyles can be found on some TV show or movie teen driven, popular bands and musical artists, or the next hot model.


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Hair Dilemma: Romantic Involvement With Your Stylist - A Hair Disaster,Solution,Tips And Hair Care


There are many things in life that I don't give the slightest thought to.  Whether someone should get  romantically involved with their hairdresser is one of those things that I just never really think about.
Until recently.  
I received an email from a very distraught young woman who titled her email "major hair emergency". 
Thinking that she had suffered through some horrendous home hair coloring event or been unhappily chemically altered by a perm or straightening treatment, I prepared to offer cuticle recovery assistance.
I was surprised when her hair emergency turned out to be a sticky situation involving a romantic relationship that she was having with her hairstylist of one year. 
It seems that the young lady was the last appointment of the day on a Saturday evening and somehow found herself having drinks and dinner with her personal hair guy.  One thing led to another, they fell in love and started living together.

The problem you ask?  Well for starters, there are all those other women that her guy hangs out with.  You know, the ones that her beau cuts, colors and styles for his livelihood.  All of those other ladies have made this young woman wildly jealous and progressively more miserable.  It doesn't help that her hairdresser love's last three serious relationships were all started with current hair clients.  Even worse is the fact that none of them lasted more than a few years. 
Although this situation may not seem like a serious problem, they are also fighting bitterly over her hair color, length and style.  When she was just his hair client, she could exert her personal desires over her hair. 
Now that she's living with him, her hairdresser will only create the color and styles that he thinks she should have.  Although she's miserable with her current hairstyle but he will not listen to her pleas to change it.
When he found out that she was considering going to a new hairstylist he accused her of cheating on his hairdressing activities with her.  Showing up with a new cut or color is something that she obviously can't hide.
She is also quite stressed by the fact that every time she visits her sweetie at his salon, he is surrounded by women that she is convinced are waiting in line for her ultimate relationship demise.  
Even worse, she fears that if she ends the relationship he will no longer do her hair, and before their romantic involvement, he was the best hairdresser she ever found in her life.

What's A Girl To Do?

Obviously I am not a couples counselor that can offer romantic advice.  I did volunteer to provide my own opinions but cautioned that all advice was based solely on my personal perspective.
I suggested that this troubled young woman immediately find a good counselor that she work with to try and resolve some of her conflicts about his work, his control of her hair and his female clientele. 
I pointed out that if she could work out her own issues regarding the relationship, everyone might just live happily ever after.  If things couldn't be resolved, I suggested that maybe she could convince him to go to a couples counselor to discuss their joint issues.


The ending was not a happy one.  Although the young lady did go to counseling, she was not able to resolve many of the problems.  Her guy refused to participate in joint counseling and they ultimately broke up.  She is currently searching for a new stylist but will only consider a female for her next hair care professional.
The morale to this story?  While there probably are many happy couples around the globe that started with as a hairdresser and their client, it may not always have a happy ending.  Just like getting romantically involved with someone at work or at your church, consider what the long term impact will be if you become intimate.  Think what will happed to your ability to continue to work with your valued hairstylist.  What happens if things don't work out?  Will you be able to still work together?
If you do take the plunge, consider immediately finding a different hairstylist in a new salon to work with your hair.  This action will prevent some of the problems that the young lady in question experienced with her hairdressing guy. 
Life can throw us into unexpected situations and getting involved with your hairdresser is one of them.










Hair Care Info


Shampoo Basics & Hair Tips
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Hair Conditioning

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Repair Your Hair: Conditioners - Although some hair conditioners do not fit neatly into one of the clear cut categories, most hair conditioners are designed to fit in a category detailedin this article.

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Types of Hair Conditioners

Although some hair conditioners do not fit neatly into one of the clear cut categories, most hair conditioners are designed to fit in one of the following:

1.  Pre-Treatment  such as various types of different hot oil treatments
2.  Rinse-out daily treatments
3.  Express deep conditioners
4.  Deep conditioners formulated according to hair type, texture or damage issues.
5.  Reconstructors deep and express treatments & environmental repair masks & special conditioners
6.  Detangling conditioners
7.  Leave-in conditioners
8.  Color enhancing
9.  Chemical free products
10. Combination conditioning products

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Rene Furterer's Carthame Oil - Recently when I interviewed celebrity stylist Ken Paves I learned that some of my favorite Phyto and Rene Furterer, products are the very ones that he uses constantly on his celebrity clients.

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Does hair play a major role in how people perceive us?
Jay House shares what happened when she went from no hair to longer hair. Great article with interesting insights.

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Scalp Care & Tips

Dandruff Faqs
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Hair Care Products

What Are "Natural" Hair Care Products? by Karen Shelton
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Top Hair Care Tips

Hair Brushing 101  by Tamara of Calgary, Canada, Introduction by Karen M. Shelton
"I'm a bad girl when it comes to brushing. I brush top down. I know, I know, it's a sin. But hey, I gotta have some sins since I don't drink coffee. What I really like to do is bend over and start brushing at the nape of my neck. My brush usually will go for about five inches before there is some resistance. I take the brush out and start again at the nape at a slightly different spot and do another stroke until I feel resistance." More...

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While my head is literally crammed full of hundreds of similar hair care tips, these are not the tips that I live by on a daily basis. My personal hair care tips may surprise you. They are definitely a little different than you might expect." More...

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Hair Stencils Spin Up Your Hair With Glitter, Color and Jewels Review and Care Tips

You may have been working on ways to really change out your look.  Or you may really want to WOW your friends with a hot new look that is completely original.  You don't want to spend a fortune and you don't want the cool new look to be anything but temporary. (Leopard spots were created in an elaborate hair design to the side)

Hair stencils are your answer to creating a smashing new look that can be jazzed up for a formal event like a special party, Prom or wedding, or they can be just fun and wild.

Hair stenciling allows you to create and apply temporary designs, hair paints and glitter to your hair.  Although hair stencils tend to generally work better with shorter hair, they can be creatively applied to just about any length of hair and any color.

One thing is guaranteed.  No one will be able to copy your unique design. If you hand make your own hair pattern and select a wild range of temporary hair colors and snap on jewels or glitter, you will have fun, look fantastic and be your own hairstyle trend setter.








Steps For Creating Hair Stencils

The only limit to the type, size, shape and number of hair stencils that you create are in your imagination.  (The stencil below was done by Charles Worthington to honor the breast cancer ribbon.  This is a complicated stencil design).
It may not be as easy the very first time but like any work of art, experimenting can turn you into a pro in short order. Follow the steps below to begin creating your own fantasy hairstyles:

STEP 1 - In order to maintain good control over the stencil, make a series of patterns from flat cardboard like materials.  Large plastic lids from margin tubs or related products are other alternatives. Use any design that you like keeping in mind your level of experience.  Most beginners might consider starting with simple designs like flowers, stars and hearts that are easier to apply.  As you evolve you can experiment with different patterns shapes and materials. 
Note:  It works best if you draw the image with a pen or marker and then cut out the design into the plastic or cardboard.

STEP 2 - Shampoo your hair with the appropriate shampoo for your hair type.  Follow with rinse out conditioner or a good leave in conditioner to give your hair some protection from the various colors, glitters or gels you might add to create your ultimate stencil.

STEP 3 - Use a blow dryer and dry your hair straight or to your desired texture. Make sure that hair is 100% dry before adding any paints, gels or glitters. Hair tattoos and stencils show up best on straight hair or in parts.  If you wish to wear your hair wavy or curly keep in mind how the stencil will be ultimately incorporated into your style. 

STEP 4 - Have an assistant help you to plan out where to place the stencil pattern on your hair.  Once you have agreed upon the placement, apply the medium of your choice. Remember to use any sprays or chemicals in a place that is well ventilated.  Keep your face turned away and your eyes closed at all times during application.

Hair Stencils Spin Up Your Hair With GlIf you wish to use color you can apply color using a spray-on color.  Hold the spray 6-8 inches from your hair and then sprayIf you wish to use color you can apply color using a spray-on color.  Hold the spray 6-8 inches from your hair and then spray over the entire stencil opening.

Maniac Panic were created by Tish & Snooky who are the pioneers of punk colors.  The MP colors can be applied to the stencil opening with a paintbrush.  Remember that if your hair is naturally dark that certain colors will be less visible than other.  Apply the Manic Panic, decorate with tiny rhinestones or colored glitter and then set the design with light hair spray.

If you want to add extra hair shimmer add a tiny drop of shine product to the palms of your hands and then glide carefully over the sections of hair that have been stenciled.  over the entire stencil opening.

Maniac Panic were created by Tish & Snooky who are the pioneers of punk colors.  The MP colors can be applied to the stencil opening with a paintbrush.  Remember that if your hair is naturally dark that certain colors will be less visible than other.  Apply the Manic Panic, decorate with tiny rhinestones or colored glitter and then set the design with light hair spray.

If you want to add extra hair shimmer add a tiny drop of shine product to the palms of your hands and then glide carefully over the sections of hair that have been stenciled. itter, Color and Jewels