Tuesday, August 17, 2010

black male hairstyles

black male hairstyles male hairstyles
Women are not the only one who cares their hair, these days there are many black celebrity hairstyles for men. Most black men are beginning to show a sense of fashion by some sports from ordinary hair styles.

black male hairstyles male hairstyles

The days of thick, black men with shaved heads and handsome they began to pass us. Now many blacks sports style at times, (sorry to say lady), looks better then your hair.
black male hairstyles male hairstylesblack male hairstyles male hairstyles

This celebrity hairstyle is not only famous for black males, but some black men buzz cuts, fades, afros, dreads and cornrows.

Everyone can remember the rendition of Bob Marley from cornrows magical career in the 70's. But today, many black celebrities are also wearing cornrows like Wayne's famous little familiar with the lime light.

Fading is a hair style that will never out of style, a fade is like smacking adjusted manner. Many black men wearing faded just for the simple fact of how this versatile hair styles. Regardless if you're a rapper from a successful businessman, fade can compliment each ethnic male or black male features.

Afros are making a comeback, so do not hesitate if you see Afro three feet on the famous rapper or singer. Everyone criticized Lenny Kravitz when he purposely wore in the video of the famous African American Woman for, but people are now more and more to bring back this classic hairstyle of the 60s and 70s.

Cornrows hairstyles are now the main. Started by hip-hop star basketball player and as a way to remain calm without having to shave your head, a black man is not the only one who has been seen wearing cornrows. Cornrows are a serious small braids that flow in your head almost like a French braid. Singers such as Justin Timberlake has been seen wearing cornrows.

Hairstyles for black men is very flexible and never stopped amazed anyone. Who knows what new styles will soon be hitting the lime light.

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