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prom hairstyles

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According to the philosophy of painting, rich and green leaves would trigger beautiful flowers and prominent. Similarly, a beautiful prom hairstyle should be conformed to your face to bulge out of their own characteristics and charm. In designing the prom hairstyle, it is important to highlight the beautiful parts of your face, but to cover up weaknesses.

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In choosing the most suitable hair style prom, you must consider many factors including the shape of your face, head, nose, eyes and their ratio to one another. Shape the face will become the most influential factor among all. different hair styles will be suitable for different face shapes. Basically, there are four types of common facial shapes to consider, which is an oval, triangle, round and rectangular shapes.

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Oval face shape

Most people think that an oval face shape gives a feeling friendly and suitable for different hair styles. However, it will give the impression that an oval facial shape would be lack of personal characteristics. Therefore, it is important to form oval face hair styles to choose more specifically to drive a unique character. In addition, hair styles change more often recommended because it can help to project her attributes.

With a distinctive and attractive face and contours, a simple prom hairstyle should be chosen to place a unique temperament. long hair to his jaw will be the most suitable choice. In addition, the type of prom hair styles badminton will also be suitable because it can draw attention to interesting features of his face.
On the other hand, for those with facial features slightly different, they must choose the medium to long hair styles and hair does not have to be retreated.

Facial Shape Triangle

Triangle face shape can be differentiated into heart shapes and pear shapes. To form the face of the liver, should be aware that the prom hairstyle should be determined not to exaggerate the impression of a weak and shabby. A smoothie-curved hair is recommended for both long and short hair that can help project a more capable leader. Following the prom hairstyle designs suitable for most heart facial shape,

a. An imbalance prom hairstyle could help to smooth out the weaknesses pointed jaw. That could divert people's attention to other facial features. In addition, with attractive earrings and headdress, giving love the people who live and fresh.

b. Long hair on the two sides should be set to the cheek. Must be sufficiently enriched and set backward so that the impression beef jaw wider. In addition, it is better to set a smooth curved bang which could neutralize the weak and tense feelings due pointed jaw.

c. A hair too short or too thin hair at two sides will aggravate the weakness pointed jaws which must be avoided.

For pear facial shapes, arrangements could be based on dividing the face into four equal parts, and the prom hairstyle should be established to create an overall impression of an oval face shape.

The Round Facial Shape

A round facial shape projects an affectionate and naive life. However, it also will give a false impression of immaturity. Advised to make hair on the front to make it look more oval. For a moment, an inner curved bang bang or thickened can also serve this purpose. Prom hairstyles following design is recommended for most round facial shape,

a. Short and cute hairstyles could further stand out with vivid image. However, the hair on both sides should not be too thick. A "S" shaped curved bang slanting through the forehead may reduce the impression of an adult. In addition, the thickness and size of the bang should be designed based on the size, shape and distance from the eye.

b. An imbalance prom hairstyle could reduce the impression of a round shape which is recommended in most cases.

c. The hair on both sides must be set to the jaw and attached to the face. It is suggested to match with a bang bang imbalance or curved smoothie that provides soft and tender temperament. In addition, the hair after the ears should be thickened and extended to balance the face shape is round.

Square face shape

In general, many top models in the form of a square face. In fact, a rectangular face shape provides a cool unique character and determination. Following the prom hairstyle designs are recommended,

a. A long hair with smoothie curve could neutralize the strong impression of a rectangular face shape. The hair on the two sides should be set to the chin with curve and layer impression. It must realize that giving a natural feeling very important, if not, set the hair will be easier to frame the face with a rectangular face shape.

b. Imbalance prom hairstyles could also neutralize the feeling stiff. That could fit with earrings and matching headdress to accentuate their own unique character and individuality.

c. A hair too short and too straight will enlarge the impression of the company. This is only suitable for those with compelling features and facial contour. If not, layered inner curved bang would provide more feminine affection.

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