Thursday, November 11, 2010



Victoria Beckham hair

A new year brings new hairstyles. In the next paragraphs, we will discuss some of these hairstyles.

Short Hairstyles

Short hair is back in the fold for 2009, with most people, including some of the Hollywood celebrities donning them. The names of these celebrities include Lilly Allen and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Ms. Allen usually sports a long version of the bob cut and Ms. Gellar wears a shorter version of the cut.

hairstylesIn addition, supermodel Agyness Deyn wears a short bob cut, actresses and Natalie PortmanVictoria Beckham is donning the pixie bob style, and fellow Hollywood actress Katie Holmes is wearing the cropped bob hair cut – although she receives criticism for new hairstyle. While some critics praise this hairstyle, others are saying that it looks “boyish.”

hairstylesGiselle Bundchen hairstyle

Flowing from the top of the hair, Bohemian hair will give you the wild, rebellious look you desire and have every eyes gazing at you. For an example of what Bohemian hair looks like, look to Hollywood celebrities Lindsay Lohan, Giselle Bundchen, Anna Sui, and Donna Karan.

hairstylesLindsay Lohan Long hair

If you’re looking for something wavy, try adopting the wavy, long hairstyle. This look will give you a sensuous look – with waves flowing on the sides of your face. The names of a few celebrities that have donned this hairstyle is Kyra Sedgwick and Katie Olsen.

Outward hair color styles

For 2009, the color blonde is the main choice of color for females. In the past, wasn’t highly favored as the top choice of hair, but it is now. It’s not your ordinary blondeblond, but the peroxide blond is what’s the top hair for the upcoming year.

hairstylesOlsen Hairstyle
The hair will give you a radical look and allows you to step outside of the world of dark hair, so if you dare, wear this hair.