Thursday, November 11, 2010

EMO hairstyles: Average Emo Girl

EMO hairstyles presents Average Emo Girl

This time a little bit of topic, we're not gonna talk strictly about Emo Hairstyles, we'll try to present how does an average Emo Girl look like. From piercing to hairstyle, body shape, tattoos and fashion.

Emo Girls Build: Majority of Emo Girls are average looking when we talk about body shape; otherwise they are usually very cute! Anorexic or fat emo girls are minority but you can find few here and there. On average emo girl weighs around 110 to 120 lbs. Average height is around 5'5", but of course some emo girls are taller and some emo girls are shorter than 5'5".

Emo Girls Hair: Emo Girls usually prefer sporty emo-sceny hairstyles and are not so strict with hair as the emo boys are. There is a lot of razored hairstyles, fringes and mullets. Emo girls usually wear natural hair. Majority of emo girls are brunettes, followed by blondes and blacks after them redheads come. Sometimes emo girls wear headbands or bows but not to often.

Emo Girls Piercing: Emo girls like piercing much more than emo boys. Average emo girl usually has quite a few ear piercings, some of them on the cartilage, others on the earlobes or tragus. Lip rings are also popular, probably the same as nose studs, but you don't see a lot of this kind of piercing on an average emo girl, but remember, we talk about average emo girls, there are always exceptions!

Emo Girls Tattoos: The Tattoos are also popular with emo girls, but then again there is much more emo boys who prefer the tattoos. Emo girls usually put a tattoo on their shoulder. Not very often you see emo girl with a full sleeves or chest piece tattoos. Rarely you can also see a calf tattoo. Most common symbols are hearts, swallows, cobwebs, etc.

Emo Girls Clothes: Emo Girls are no so strict when we talk about emo typical fashion. They usually tend to mix various types of clothes to achieve that indie outfit. Tight jeans, cute tops, large belts, bold colors and stripes are very common. Girls are girls no matter what kind of style they prefer, so they will always try to dress flashy.