Friday, November 5, 2010

Inverted Bob Hairstyle

If you are wondering how to go about giving yourself a new haircut that is fresh and different from what you have always been wearing, the inverted bob hairstyle might just suit you. “Just what is the inverted bob hairstyle?” you might be asking yourself right this very moment.

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Honestly speaking, it is simply a slight modification of the timeless classic; the conventional bob haircut. With its versatility, chic look and easy maintenance, it will always be a firm favorite among many women who seek a new breath of life to the existing haircuts. The Inverted Bob Hairstyle is also referred to as the wedged, concave or stacked bob.

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So, just what are the features of the inverted bob hairstyle? Basically, it is a bob that is tapered at the neck to leave it hanging towards the face area which results in an asymmetrical shape. It is also common for layers to be cut with the purpose of adding volume to your hair. To top it off, bangs can be incorporated by cutting straight across; it will produce sensational effects.
Many celebrities have donned the inverted bob hairstyle without you realizing it.

/inverted-bob-hairstyles-3Hairstyles Haircuts Fashion:Rihanna Inverted Bob Hairstyle

Among the many that I can think of are Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Jenny McCarthy and Victoria Beckham/Posh Spice. Each and every one of these celebrities wear the inverted bob hairstyle in their own stylish and unique way.
The inverted bob hairstyle is a modification of the classic bob in order to give modern women an added touch of class. It can suit most face shapes and hair color.

/inverted-bob-hairstyles-3Hairstyles Haircuts Fashion:Inverted Bob Hairstyle