Friday, November 5, 2010

New Funky Emo Hairstyles

Funky Emo HairstylesIf you want to see voguish, and also do not want to pay much attention to hair care and maintenance often, funky short hair style is the best alternative. This funky short hair style is not suitable for everyone. They are mostly used by teenagers and young children who prefer to give them a face looking like punk. Whether it's funky short hair style for men or women, hairdressing really depends on your taste hair color, patterns, and layers. Let's talk about some funky short hair cuts for both women and men.

Funky Short Hairstyles for Women

Bob Italic
Funky Emo Hairstylesthis hairstyle including normal bob cut with bangs hair front slanted towards one of the cheek. This is mostly used and made famous by Paris Hilton. This is one short haircut with bangs funky, that looks good on fine hair short or medium term. If you think for funky short hair style for black woman, hair is considered most appropriate.

Pixie Cut

Funky Emo HairstylesThis is the most popular haircut amongst all funky short haircut. It consists of cutting the long hair to short and keep them relaxed on top of his crown, much like the boys used to cut. By using hair styling products, you can definitely short hair style in different patterns and styles. You also have the option of spiking up the hair a little.

Concave Bob Haircut
Funky Emo HairstylesConcave bob haircut made famous by Victoria Beckham. In a bob haircut, there are long bangs on the right side of the face, which usually extend to the cheeks. The left side has the bangs shorter than the right. Read more about bob haircut - new bob hairstyle.

Textured layers

Funky Emo HairstylesIn this haircut, hair layerings made on the head with the bangs on the forehead to the eyes. The ends of the hair all peeled off to give a textured appearance. So it looks graduated at the top, and feathered at the ends. This style is suitable for people who have oval or oval face.

Funky Short Hairstyles for Men

Spike short haircuts
Each model's hair with a spike was always known to give a funky look on the face. You will only need a few amount of hairstyling gel to create this style. Coloring nails can also be made to look funky. You can create spikes in any way you like and create a cluttered appearance.

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Short Mohawk
A short Mohawk is the haircut where the sides are trimmed, leaving only hairline in the center, which spiked up. Generally, this hair will look good only if you apply hair color stand. If you do not want to cut the hair, just for the sake of making a different style short hair the next day, you can wear a fake Mohawk. In the Mohawk fake, no need to trim down the sides of the hair. You can only create a fake Mohawk by spiking the hair on the top of the head.

Plus Mohawk mullet
A blend of mullet and a short Mohawk also typical of other good funky short hair. consists of mullet hair cut short and let the front of hair back into a long and relaxed. Hair spiking above in one line will provide a combination of short Mohawk and a mullet. Coloring your hair after doing this funky hairstyle will really give the look of punk.

Sexy haircut
sexy can be a very good short hair with funky appearance. In this hairstyle, short hair is patterned a bit rough and made the head to create a tousled look. This hairstyle is best suited for men who do not want to care about hair care, but wearing stylish hair style.